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The Premier Music Publishing Company in Jamaica, New York

All of the music elements that will characterize your commercials, films, or TV shows are available from Grand Note Publishing. We are a creative team that specializes in songwriting services. When you give us an idea about the theme of your project, we create a song that fits it perfectly.

We also offer music licensing assistance that helps you select prerecorded vocal and instrumental music that complements your project. In our small private studio, we do professional music production where we write and produce the best song or album for you.

Custom Music



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About Grand Note Publishing

Just a little bit about the company and its mission. We are music enthusiasts, songwriters, producers/mixers, but most importantly, we are FANS! Grand Note Publishing looks to introduce music created by "everyday people," to the rest of the world through any form of media. Whether it would be internet radio, TV commercials, movies, sitcoms, or even web series. Not only do we search out unique songs, but we will provide our clients with great music choices for their projects.

There are people out there with great talents that are overlooked because they do not have a fan base, connections, musical resources, or "The Look". Our job at Grand Note is to help talented individuals showcase their work and show them that their talents aren't wasting away.

Music is a gift to be shared with everyone. There are plenty more diamonds in the rough, and we are here to help them shine. 

Our music publishing company has the versatility to satisfy a variety of your music licensing and production needs. Grand Note Publishing offers music licensing to artists, film music supervisors, and commercial producers.

At our music publishing company, your project receives the special attention it deserves. We work with you one-on-one to produce your music. No idea is a bad idea, and we do not judge any aspect of the music that you write. We're here to help your creativity flow.