Want Music? We're in Tune to Your Needs!

Music is the perfect finishing touch to all types of commercial and creative projects. If you're looking for a way to dress up your creative work, Grand Note Publishing has a variety of music options. We give your productions that special touch with music licensing, songwriting services, and music production.

Music That Fits

We help you find the right kind of music to fit your specific project, including films, commercials, TV shows, and much more. It all begins with a search through our catalog with you.

To narrow the search, we recommend that you tell us your preferences and what kind of song you want along with the mood, the sound, the genre, and whether the music should be a cappella or instrumental. We will compile several matches and go over the pricing structure to make sure it fits your budget.

A One-of-a-Kind Song

Think of your favorite movie; it probably has a memorable theme song. We will compose a unique song for your project with our songwriting services.

Before any work begins, we need to know what music genre to use. We also need to know if the song should have a structure with lyrics (verse, chorus, verse) and what will be its theme.

Our team will write a custom song, use the lyrics to a song you've written, simply write the music, or provide a combination of all these services. Based on your requests, we will work with other artists and songwriters or do everything ourselves.

Although most of the songs we've written have been Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B, we will work in other genres. Grand Note Publishing accepts songwriting requests by email for your convenience.

Putting It All Together

Give your entertainment project a professional sound with production services from our team. At our Cubase™ Based Studio, we create custom beats and music based on your project's genre, mood, tempo, and any instrument preferences. We will also take examples of other songs to use as inspiration to create a new song that feels similar, but still has your own unique sound.